Keep Betting


Founded in 2018, the Keep Betting crew is a unique experience that allows the average sports bettor the ability to see what pros are truly on daily. No fluff, this isn't the mainstream media "pros" but groups who pay their bills by winning wagers. With this, CC provides analysis on positions wagered daily, which have brought a 56% win rate, covering > 200% returns since inception in Dec 2018. Along side the professional wagers & CC's positions, members will receive access to a large pool of insider info, which will help provide an even more profitable experience. Everything from key injuries hidden prior to game time, locker room moral, Gatorade color in the super bowl, the information pool provided brings a dynamic unlike any other service. All of this information is wrapped into a free speaking community built to provide the user the best experience possible. Talk sports daily, learn angles the pros & CC are taking to bring a return in sports betting, and much more.


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