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Quality Wagers Done For You

Use Sportsbook data against itself: our live data feeds will filter sharp lines vs market & automatically find profitable wagers. Tailored to your betting needs, mathematically beat Fanduel, Draftkings, Barstool, Caesars, MGM, & 20+ more sportsbooks

Proven Winning Handicapping

Keep Betting has proven handicapping across 5 years & 3,000 wagers. Across college & professional sports: projections, injury news and insights, & bettable angles for over 7,000 clients building social followings reaching over 40k & seen on Media outlets such as Draftkings, BetUS, Hammer Network, & more

Trusted By More Than 7,000 Customers

Custom Models & Projections

Daily projections across every major sport allows users to have our opinion across any event no matter if there is a wager while custom models are offered to allow users to make their own number if so inclined (code free). Our models are updated weekly so users can see any behind the scenes work within specific models

Beat Every Market

Our Team builds to find value to the user, always working on new avenues of leverage. Bots made to beat DFS, promos, & more are added to the community as we strive to bring the best to those who trust in our work

Value in Community

Discord community of thousands of like minded bettors across every avenue of life brings a unique twist to the day to day of betting. Live spaces, sweating games together, finding angles to bet into, playing poker together, or simply chatting sports talk

How are these wagers better than any others

Our team brings much more than wagers: as a user you'll have access to handicapping, modeling, daily projections, live data feeds, community, and more all with the goal to make every persons experience a unique & profitable one. Our product is an active growth product, meaning there will ALWAYS be new additions: Promo bots, DFS, Fantasy, & more are all avenues we are currently exploring to continue bringing new innovation

Are there downsides to the product?

KB is not for everyone. We attempt to make the process as simple as possible, but like any investment there is risk involved as well as manual input (we've reduced it to physically the least possible). Users wanting a bet for you process, we can not help. But from a "slight effort" to the daily grinder, we believe this is for you! Limiting in accounts will come as a result of the bot (and winning too much... good problem) but we have future steps for users facing these issues

Is everything on Discord? Website?

Users will sign up via Discord, but will instantly gain access to our private website where more data feeds can be found (for those wanting). Discord will host the community & all products available, but our transition to private website access is quickly expanding. EV feeds, DFS, and daily projections will be available online soon!